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Hurricane windows & doors

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Hurricane windows and doors protect against flying debris. Even if the glass is damaged, an impact window will remain secured in the frame.

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Impact windows and doors offer superior protection for hurricanes and extreme weather events without any preparation. Once they’re installed, you’re protected.

Superior Protection

Hurricanes Protection

Impact Doors & Windows

impact windows noise reduction

Noise Reduction

Impact glass makes hurricane impact doors and windows absorb noise, significantly reducing common disturbances.

Wind & Rain

Passing Traffic

Other outside noise

Safety impact windows


Hurricane impact windows don’t just protect against the elements — their durability and shatter resistance also deter intruders.

Feel safer at home

Intruders resistant

Strong Protection

Energy saving

Long term savings

Our impact windows and doors will lower your energy bills and home insurance premiums while your home value increases.

Minimize Heat Loss

Keep tempreture stable

Safe on energy bills

Protect your Homestead home with impact-resistant glass. When strong hurricane winds enter a home through broken windows or doors, the increased pressure can lift off the roof and harm the structural integrity of your home. While completely hurricane-proof homes don’t exist, our impact-resistant windows and doors products provide added safety and security.


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Homestead Impact Windows & Doors Services

Our Homestead team can help in upgrading to impact-rated windows and doors, specifically designed to protect you and your property. It is one of the most effective ways to prepare your Homestead's home well in advance of an approaching storm. Plywood, storm shutters, and other coverings can be effective, but most of these secondary solutions require installation and provide no protection at all if you’re out of town or can’t find someone to help you install them. Many of these secondary solutions are also unsightly and need to be removed and stored when not in use. This is why you should install hurricane impact windows in your Homestead home.

Homestead Impact Windows Services

Build to last!

We at Homestead Windows & Doors supply and install impact resistant windows for many different types of residential and commercial properties. Providing a range of benefits to meet the needs of any Homestead home, and our high-performance hurricane window collections offer aluminum and vinyl products, laminated and insulated glass and energy efficient products.

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